About Wherigo

In late 2001 after running Geocaching.com for over a year, Jeremy Irish and Elias Alvord came up with an interesting challenge: How could they bring their favorite adventure games outdoors with GPS technology?

After several years of experimentation and hard work they arrived at a solution.

What if you could take video games outdoors?

Wherigo is a platform that allows you to build location based GPS experiences on your computer and play them in the real world. Imagine playing Zork, Secret of Monkey Island or Myst, but in the park around the corner, or on the beach during your family vacation. Rather than clicking the mouse and selecting a location to move your character, you physically move from one location to the next to advance the story. Rather than searching for puzzle clues on a screen, you look for them in the real world. Using Wherigo, you can create interactive tours, adventure games and puzzles... the possibilities are endless.

Creating Real-World Adventures

Groundspeak's goal is to reintroduce the adventure game genre by making it easy for anyone to create and play location-based adventures in the real world. Using Wherigo, the physical world becomes the background for engaging story lines and location-specific virtual entertainment.

More than Just a Game...

Location-based cartridges are not just for those who love adventure games. The Wherigo toolset is designed to be open-ended so cartridge builders can create any number of interesting experiences for a player. Here are a few general examples:

  • Walking tour of city sights.
  • Neighborhood scavenger hunt.
  • Innovative marketing proposal.
  • Pub crawl for your friends.
  • Interactive fictional adventure.
  • Alternate reality game.

The ideas for content are endless.

It's our goal to offer these tools for free and see where you can take it.

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