Cartridge Version History

2.3 (8/2/2012)

Added completion code. A hackey update until I can create an item for it.

2.2 (8/2/2012)

Slightly increased the whack radius for cell phone users. Part of an experiment.

2.5 (9/13/2012)

I also added the unlock code to the high score's text.

2.4 (9/13/2012)

Updated the final coordinates due to cache maintenance and moving. When people don't replace the cache as found, this is what happens.

2.1 (7/30/2011)

Updated the code to reflect the deprecation of table.getn for #. Thank you, matejcik!

1.8 (6/18/2010)

Added Sandy as a Lackey, removed Mihae. Updated Ranger Fox's moderator graphic. Removed code that hooks into anonymous cartridge "made" events and, instead, calls the cartridge by name and uses its OnStart function. Speaking of that section of the code, you may notice an item called zitemAdminControl. This was the item I tested the cartridge with. It is the ultimate in-field debugger for this game. You can control the game duration, field size, minimum and maximum time objects are on the

1.7 (6/16/2008)

I added the following Lackeys: Costel, Josh, Mark, and Patrick. I also updated Bryan's icon. The current list of Lackeys: Signal, Allison, Annie, Bryan, Chris, Colin, Costel, David, Elias, Eric, Heidi, Jenn, Jeremy, Joe, Josh, Koko, Mark, Michael, Mihae, Nate, Patrick, Raine, Sean, and Shauna. The current list of Moderators: Cache-tech, Electric Mouse, Eartha, Flying Spaghetti Monster, Max Cacher, Moun10Bike, Moose Mob, NJ Admin, Quiggle, Ranger Fox, riviouveur, stunod, SUp3rFM, and Team

1.6 (6/10/2008)

Bug fix: The coordinates were showing if the game type was Lackey and the game was within a certain mileage of the cache. I added the other checks to the code.

1.5 (5/29/2008)

-- Scoring more than 700 points in the field on Lackey mode will now mark the cartridge as unlocked. Thank you to those who asked how to unlock the cartridge.

-- Playing the cartridge within 20 miles of the geocache's location will display the cache's coordinates. This is how we do a Play Anywhere arcade cartridge geocache.

1.4 (5/20/2008)

Added a moderator, riviouveur.

1.3 (5/19/2008)

Added two lackeys to the game: Allison and Colin

1.2 (5/19/2008)

I'm planning to add hooks for completion in the cartridge. Per final testing, I needed to clear the bonus zone from the field after a game over. This is only a problem when the bonus is out on the field when the game ends. My test scores (walking to each zone): 903, 1001, 576, 628, 746

1.1 (5/19/2008)

Restricted the online confirmation code so that only hand-held devices will display it. Other than that, the experience is the same in the emulator.

1 (5/19/2008)

2 (7/13/2010)

The previous update caused the cartridge to lose its Play Anywhere status. I'm reverting the change.

1.9 (7/13/2010)

I updated the starting location so the cartridge can be imported into Urwigo per the forum thread: Other than that, there aren't any changes.